Marylebone parcels depot - 11-14 May 1961
Exhibition of locomotives and rolling stock was stage
at Marylebone parcels depot by the BTC to celebrate
the Golden Jubilee of the Institution of Locomotive Engineers.

D6553 (33035)
North British Type 1 No.8400 (cl.16)
Brush Type 2 No 5699 (31269)
Beyer Peacock Hymek Type 3 No.7000 (cl.35)
BR Swindon Warship Type 4 No.867 (cl.42)
BR Derby Peak Type 4 No.28 (45124)
English Electric Deltic Type 5 No.9003 (55003)

E5014 (71014)
E3059 (85004)

MR Compound 1000
LNER A4 60022 'Mallard'
BR 8P 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'
BR 9F 92220 'Evening Star'
Gas Turbine 4-6-0 GT3

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