Derby Litchurch - 11 August 1979


40015, E40311, 41033, 41034, E41099, E41100, 41139, 42048, 42049, 42050, 42099,
42109, 42259, 42264, 42267, 42269, 42272, 42273, 43032, W40305, W40326, W40327,
W40328, W41035, W41036, W41143, W41144, W42052, W42100, W42104, E42196, E42197,
E42198, E42199, E42200, W42280, W42281, W42282, W42283, W42284, W43001, W43033,
W43131, W43132

SC48104, SC48106, SC48107, SC48201, SC48203, SC48302, SC48303, SC48304,
SC48402, SC48403, SC48404,SC48405, SC48502, SC48503, SC48504, SC48604,
SC48605, SC48606, SC48607

M50311, M50330, M50355, M50394, M50443, M50454, M50460, M50479, M50492, M50493,
M50512, M50532, M50627, M50812, M50924, M50981, M51184, M51421, M51615,
M51656, M51668, M51676, M51853, M51882, M51927, M51941, M52040, M52056,
E52064, M56110, M56181, M56183, M56222, M56236, M56253, M56342, M56351,
M56492, M59081, M59130, M59139, M59149, M59163, E59668, M59716, M59730

251 GN 4-4-2

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